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Our Background

For many years now Lightspeed Home Loans has striven for excellence in the mortgage industry. We have worked to build our business through shared experience and strong relationships with our lenders and clients. As a locally-owned business, we've been able to focus all of our energy on serving the needs of our clients through challenging financial times. We have developed strong ties in all states of Australia that makes everything from refinancing a local family to relocating a global executive well within our skill range and experience.

In today's challenging financial markets, a knowledgeable, experienced broker couldn't be more valuable. We strive to attain the highest value for our clients by building strong relationships with both local and national lenders so we have a wide array of highly competitive product, rate and fee options to suit each unique situation.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism in every facet of our business. Please contact us for further enquiries and one of our friendly staff members will assist you.

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